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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Featured Author Robert G. Pielke - Part 2

This week, he answers some questions about his life outside of writing.

MLM: Who is your Valentine this year? Why is this person so special?

ROBERT: You’ll no doubt think me a shameful lout, but I’m not big on celebrating anything. When I was a kid I used to run away from the birthday parties my parents threw for me. [I lived on a 10 acre nursery in a rural/suburban community, so all I had to do was hide out in the plants and trees until someone eventually found me.]
…and a detestable Scrooge, but Christmas, for me is the worst time of all. Yup, I can already hear the “bahs” and the “humbugs” floating through peoples’ minds.
…and miserable creep, but I hardly even notice Valentine’s Day.
…and selfish wastrel, but I can’t even think of another holiday not to participate in.

I do have and have had “special people” in my life – probably because they excuse my “anti-dayism.” :-)

MLM: Robert, you're not alone in your feelings. Many people feel that holidays (Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) are too commercialized and prefer to avoid them. So I guess that means you won't be doing anything special for Valentine’s Day, huh?>

ROBERT: Hahahah…I guess not. However, I already do weekly surprises for several special people…

MLM: Why should one day matter if you're doing nice things every other day of the year? Good for you! If you could choose your ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, what would it be? Have you ever received this as a gift?

ROBERT: I don’t recall ever getting a Valentine gift. [Oh, yeah, there was that time in elementary school when everybody had to get a card and gift to be randomly distributed so that no one was left behind. But I don’t remember what I got…or gave for that matter.] But I must confess – I’ll go out to dinner for any reason and that’s kind of what I do for weekly surprises.

MLM: One of the greatest things about the Internet is that we can connect with writers of all kinds from all over the globe so we want to know:
a.) What area of the country/world are you from?

ROBERT: Originally Baltimore, MD. Now I live in Claremont, CA

b.)What are the average temperatures of your area?

ROBERT: In Baltimore the summers are pure hell on earth…with humidity to compare with the rain forests of South American and Southeast Asia. In Claremont, it’s pretty mellow all the time.

c.) What type of clothing would most residents be wearing today?

ROBERT: In Baltimore, there is no fashion statement to be made. In Claremont, it’s a “hotsy-totsy” college town with all the latest gear being sported.

d.) What tips do you have for people to “survive” the weather where you are?

ROBERT: In Baltimore, drink beer – the local brew being National Bohemian. In Claremont, drink California wines.

MLM: Say you’re at a cabin in the mountains, it’s not exactly warm out and you had the option of where you wanted your hot tub to be. Would you have the hot tub inside or outside the cabin? Why? What is it that you like specifically about it being inside or outside the best?

ROBERT: Well, I ski and I like a hot tub outside where I can take in the scenery whilst drinking some of that wine mentioned above. [Oh, and by scenery I do mean the mountains…the literal mountains.]

MLM: If you could go anywhere in the world for Valentine’s Day, where would you choose to go? Why this destination over others? What’s its connection to you?

ROBERT: Some place where they’ve never heard of Valentine’s Day…say Vietnam or Thailand or India. I’d have a good time…I might even smile. :-)

MLM: thanks for joining us again this week and sharing a tiny bit of your life with us!

Please check out Part 3 when it's posted. Thanks!

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