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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to Anime Seekers!

I have been a fan of anime for years and never knew it!

Some of my favorite cartoons growing up were G-Force, Voltron and Transformers. Yep, the Transformers falls into the category of Japanese anime because, well, it originated in Japan and the cartoons were made with different methods than U.S. cartoons.

So, when I began to realize that all of my original favorite cartoons, from the time I was in kindergarten through my high school years, were considered Japanese Anime, I figured there was something special here.

Didn't watch those? What about Sailor Moon, Yugi-oh, or Pokemon? Yeah, they're all anime series as well that can still be found in the Manga as well as on DVD today.

If you haven't watched them, you might want to take the time to sit down and watch them, so you know exactly what you're kids are watching.

DON'T say that, "They're just cartoons, same as all the others!"

Far from it.

How so?

Besides the actual sophisticated, layered-animation style, the content is very different. Sure, there are young people involved, and some slap-stick comedy from time to time, but if you really pay attention to the overall intricacies of the plotlines and the complexities of the characters, you'll find that Japanese anime is a world away from your everyday American cartoon.

In anime, there will be graphic displays of violence, and in some rare cases rape or allusions to sex (but they're usually part of the drama), and some versions have harsh language. These are gritty stories told in anime format and are available in Manga as well (most of them). The language issue doesn't occur on the Japanese side, but in the English dubbed versions, so you need to be sure to get PG-13 rated versions for younger viewing audiences.

Even though you can find reviews of these all over the internet, I still plan on offering you my take on many of the different Japanese Anime that I have watched and enjoyed or not enjoyed. My goal is to help you get your feet wet, share an anime experience with your child, or choose the anime that's right for you and/or your child. 

Anita Blake
Blue Seed
Ghost in the Shell (Regular and Stand Alone Complex)
Now and Then, Here and There (newer series)
Sailor Moon
Saiyuki (Original, Reload, Gunlock)
Spiral (Search for the Blade Children)
Voltron (entire series)

Here's another fun topic I hope to add - Reading Anime in Another Language

Keep checking back as this list will be updated with new anime that I discover!

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