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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard Wired

Welcome Hard Core Sci-Fi Fans!

Torchwood CastYes, this tab is finally active! What better way to start than to share with you some very interesting news being twittered about! According to Rick Porter at Zap 2 News and Buzz, there are rumors that FOX is considering a U.S. version of BBC's very popular hit TV series spinoff of the Dr. Who series, Torchwood!

Word has it that the creator, Russell T. Davies, and some of the cast, John Barrowman was mentioned, would also be involved. I hope that, instead of remaking it with different actors playing the same characters, since I do love the current cast of Torchwood, it's a parallel branch of Torchwood in the U.S. with different characters. Then it would be very cool to have "crossover" episodes where the Cardiff and U.S. teams have to work together.

Where to base the show out of? Well, instead of some big city in the U.S., or Roswell for that matter, I would rather see them operated out of some small town where all of the people living there are employees of Torchwood.

Why do I want some small town? Because most shows always take place in big cities and it's becoming old and commonplace. We need a show taking place in a small town that no one would expect, and thus help Torchwood keep its secrets. But that's just my opinion.

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